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    1. Widespread Printing Opportunities for Artists

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Creativity Needed

Artists are key to driving this technology forward into the world

Printers are ingenious manufacturers of our age, capable of handling many types of visual products companies may need to be made. If you are a licensing artist or a company looking to create innovative products from cutting-edge printing capabilities, it is a tremendous benefit to stay on top of what is happening in the world of printing!Product developers, the hotel and hospitality industry, schools, hospitals, architects, engineers, marketing agencies, ad agencies, and many other types of clients are bee-lining to the printers to take advantage of the newest print technology. And they all NEED ART! You can be the artist they call when they need a new design for a mural, packaging, product innovation, textile substrate, nationally broadcasted sport event and SO MUCH MORE! is overjoyed to announce that we are teaming up with the print world through one of our founding Art Directors, Debbie Nicholson from Think to Ink! She is not only a creative product developer herself, but a printer and educator to the dynamic printing industry and a regular columnist for American Printer®. Debbie is a powerhouse of creativity, innovation, and engineering knowledge who is equally passionate about seeing you succeed in your art career as well as the printers she works with thrive in their businesses. And one of the best ways this happens is when they connect with YOUR OUTSTANDING CREATIVITY! We are making efforts to collaborate on new ways this year so these printers can find out about your art and SEE what you have to offer on